Educating Future Leaders of the U.S. Army





Educating Future Leaders of the US Army

In keeping with our educational mission, our chapter actively undertakes efforts to educate future leaders of the U.S.Army. We do this through support of the programs that generate future Army leaders. Our efforts include supporting US Army Cadet Command through local JROTC and Senior ROTC Programs, raising awareness of available national scholarship programs, as well as the US Military Academy through support of admissions programs.

Army Junior ROTC Programs

The US Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) is one of the largest character development and citizenship programs for youth in the world.

For decades, our chapter has supported local Army JROTC programs within our area of responsibility. Each year, we provide roughly thirty-five JROTC medals and certificates for outstanding leadership and academic achievement as well as several scholarships to Army JROTC cadets.

JROTC Medals

Criteria for JROTC medal selection are established between our chapter and local SAIs.

JROTC Scholarships

Several annual scholarships are awarded within Area 9 JROTC programs each Spring.

Our primary area of support includes Area 9 JROTC headed by COL (Ret.) Samuel T. Taylor III, JROTC District Resource Teacher and Director of Army Instruction. For schools located outside of Area 9, chapter support may be arranged by submitting a written request for JROTC medals and certificates to our director of JROTC Programs. The annual deadline for submitting requests for support through our JROTC Medal program is COB on 31 October.

For further information about our efforts to support Junior ROTC, please contact chapter JROTC director Toni Gross at

To learn more about national JROTC Programs, please check The Official JROTC Website.

Army Senior ROTC Programs

Senior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) provides the tools, training and experiences to become an officer in the United States military, while earning money toward a college education. Our chapter has a long history of supporting ROTC programs at local universities in the Tampa Bay Area. These include the following programs:

For further information about our efforts to support Senior ROTC, please contact chapter director Rob Risberg at

US Military Academy Admissions Programs

Our chapter actively supports the admissions programs at the U.S.Military Academy through providing information and advice to candidates, assisting candidates with obtaining Congressional nominations to West Point and through direct interaction with the West Point Admissions Team. Chapter director, Craig Gross serves on the West Point selection board for Florida.

For further information, please contact Craig Gross at

AUSA National Scholarships

In keeping with our mission as a non-profit educational and professional development organization, each year, the national headquarters of AUSA awards over thirty scholarships to AUSA members to attend college-level institutions.

For further information about these educational programs, please visit the main AUSA at AUSA.ORG/SCHOLARSHIPS